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Group 2 31 June
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Our purpose

Blue exists to push Canadian leaders and policymakers to think bigger and bolder. We champion aspirational ideas and empower a community that will move and shape governments to prioritize growth and global competitiveness.
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Housing and cities

We desperately need more housing in our cities. We also need more transportation infrastructure. We need to build, build, build.

Immigration and families

We need to attract the best in the world and to let more of them in. That is our defining advantage. We need to support our families and our communities.

State capacity and competence

We need governments that can manage big projects. We need expertise, experience, and sound judgment to return to government.

Innovation and global competitiveness

We need more Shopifys. We need Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary to become truly global cities. We need to win more.
Group 2 31 June

Build, baby, build:

A discussion on housing and cities

clock 11:45 PM EST
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